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Tree survey is done by surveyors. Basically the expert survey persons are the professional arborists. They are able to handle the survey as well as collect the data regarding the tree in all case. The survey include many data like number of tree in a selective area, age of the trees, structural conditions, height of the trees, diameter of the trees, management recommendation of the trees, safe life expectance of the trees, removal of the trees and also retention of the trees, color coding and categorizing of the trees on the base of the above data. In the survey the trees not less than 75 mm diameter and height not less than 1.5 mm are included.

On describing the importance of the Tree Survey it is essential in different steps and plots of daily life. In the household the survey is necessary to make a equipment to plant the trees that don't make any hazard to household like obstruction of the drainage, sewer line, gas line water line etc. also some trees are make damage of the other trees, house, building, structure etc. in a specific land the survey is essential to make the exact planning of plant of trees. Trees are necessary in our daily life but also they make problem in our daily life. So the survey is needed to make the exact distribution of the trees.
Next option is arranging of tree survey which may have to take seriously to make an exact and satisfactory survey. Any mistake in the survey can misguide the information and any other work regarding the survey. So the survey and data collection should be error free and must be collected by professional and expert arborists. In arboriculture the study on tree is done. So the professional arborist can make an error free and informative survey as well as a successive report.  Mistake in survey can lead to damage of the properties; buildings and also can cause damage of other people and trees. To arrange proper tree survey at first you should look for professional tree surveyors.
On the above statement the data regarding the tree survey is necessary to get a good planning and management of the trees in a community either household or in a specific area. Urban forest and also the plant of the tree on roadside can also be managed by tree survey. The total number of tree and also the specificity is needed for the environmental purpose.

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Review on tree survey

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Review on tree survey

This article was published on 2010/12/15