5 Secrets Of Successful Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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Satisfied customers mean good profits; that’s why it’s crucial for any business to provide the best products and services possible. A good customer survey may help you understand whether your offer is hitting the mark or needs to be improved. Customer satisfaction surveys are a powerful tool for monitoring target audience opinions when they are compiled thoroughly. Discover the secrets of successful customer satisfaction surveys.

Send the survey to the right people

If you want to increase your survey response rates and obtain reliable results, think twice before asking people to answer it. Remember where and how often customers are exposed to your products and services - sending the survey to casual customers makes no sense as they can’t give you a clue about your company problem areas. The customer survey should start with thorough research on the target respondents including customer demographics and specific needs.

Ask the right questions

There are various types of questions and you need to be careful when compiling your survey as questions might influence answers. If you want to obtain accurate results, leading questions and questions with dubious meaning need to be avoided. If you are not sure whether the question reads correctly, test it on your employees. When creating the customer survey, take a critical look at your business and ask questions which may help understand how customers view your company. Sometimes people avoid asking questions which don’t present their business in a good light but it shows respondents that you care about their opinion.

Use the right language

Survey questions should come without grammar mistakes or out-of-place vocabulary. You survey is meant for a great number of respondents and can hardly be personalised for each of them so it makes sense to use the language which can be easily understood by everyone. If you doubt about specific terms, avoid them or give clear explanations.

Make the survey user-friendly

Well-designed customer satisfaction surveys flow easily with all questions logically connected and easy to understand. To help respondents, you can provide pictures or give a clue about question context. The survey design should engage people to participate but don’t overuse special effects as they may distract respondents from the question. Remember that flash and sound effects might take longer to load making respondents drop out in the middle of the way. Be frank about how long your survey takes; when asking respondents to devote a couple of minutes to answering it, make sure it can really be completed within this time.

Encourage people to participate

A good solution for those who want to increase response rates is to give respondents material incentives. You can invite them to your new product presentation, give coupons for free trials, offer free gifts or prizes. However, some people participate because they want to contribute so don’t forget to communicate the final results to them.

A customer survey is an efficient way to improve your business and make your customers happy. It may help you expand your customer base, convert casual customers into loyal ones and gain new clients.


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5 Secrets Of Successful Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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5 Secrets Of Successful Customer Satisfaction Surveys

This article was published on 2011/09/26